Welcome to Hawkeye Helicopter

We are an aviation operator headquartered in Eastern Kansas with 24 years of experience in the aviation industry. Utilizing both fixed-wing and rotor-wing aircraft, we pride ourselves on delivering a cost-effective and safe service.
While we provide a variety of aerial services, we specialize in utility patrols for the Energy Sector.

Hawkeye Helicopter Services

Helicopter Services

We operate a fleet of turbine-powered helicopters for several utility clients throughout the United States. The majority of our work is routine power line and pipeline patrol.
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Fixed Wing

Airplane Services

Hawkeye deploys a fleet of 20 fixed-wing aircraft across 30 states conducting routine pipeline patrol missions. Our planes and pilots patrol approximately 35,000 miles of pipeline each week.
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Hawkeye Helicopter Technical Services

Technical Services

Hawkeye has relationships with several technology vendors throughout the country, providing high-tech data collection for the Energy Sector.
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