Hawkeye Technical Services

Aerial Technology and Surveillance Services

With access to a variety of top technology partners nationwide, Hawkeye Helicopter offers state-of-the-art aerial technology and surveillance services to provide the best resources to help you collect, detect, and inspect your valuable assets.

Through our strategic technology partners and impressive fleet of fixed-wing airplanes and rotor-wing aircraft, we are able to provide many solutions to a host of problems our clients regularly need to solve:

  • Detecting Leaks
  • Detecting Encroachment
  • Detecting Erosion

Laser Aerial Leak Detection

Laser Aerial Leak Detection is a service geared towards our natural gas pipeline clients. During a pipeline inspection, the sensor directs a downward-facing laser from the helicopter platform. This sensor is capable of detecting minute PPM levels of methane gas at ground level. Hawkeye can help you find and prevent leaks in your pipeline!

GIS Videography

Aerial video of pipeline and power line right-of-way corridors has proven to be a very useful tool for our clients. Our video is recorded in Ultra-HD with geo-referenced overlays, including GIS centerline data as well as a host of other references. The video footage can also be used to provide augmented reality to aid in project construction.

Aerial Photography

With pipeline inspection services provided across the United States, we can furnish clients with photography in all routine pipeline surveys. From detailed photographs of powerline structures to Hollywood feature films, Hawkeye provides our clients with the best images of any length of right-of-way. Our image technology assists clients in right-of-way certification, project planning and maintenance, required structure counts, and more.


High-density LiDAR data can be achieved through the use of a dual sensor array mounted on the helicopter platform. Contact us for more information on how LiDAR technology can assist in your next inspection!

Infrared (IR)/Corona Inspection

IR and Corona inspections have proven to be a useful tool for many clients to identify problem areas on their grid. Hawkeye is dedicated to bringing the best aid to our clients in order to protect their assets.