Hawkeye has many relationships established with several technology vendors throughout the country. Through these relationships we are able to provide many solutions to a host of problems our clients need to solve. Some of the technology services we can provide include:

  • Laser Aerial Leak Detection

Aerial Leak Detection is a service geared towards our natural gas pipeline clients. Utilizing the helicopter platform, the sensor directs a downward-facing laser that is capable of detecting minute PPM levels of methane gas at ground level.

  • GIS Videography

Aerial video of ROW corridors has proven to be a very useful tool for our clients. The video is recorded in Ultra-HD with geo-referenced overlays, including GIS centerline data as well as a host of other references. The video can also be used to provide augmented-reality to aid in project construction.

  • Aerial Photography

From detailed photographs of power line structures to Hollywood feature films.

  • LiDAR

High-density LiDAR data can be achieved through the use of a dual sensor array mounted on the helicopter platform.

  • Infrared/Corona Inspection

IR and Corona inspections have proven to be a useful tool for many clients to identify problem areas on their grid.