Airplane Aerial Patrol Services

Airplane Aerial Patrol and Inspection Services

We have worked for decades to build a reputation as a reliable contractor that delivers on compliance requirements while maintaining a superior safety record.

Operating a fleet of fixed-wing airplanes and accumulates tens of thousands of hours annually and takes an earnest dedication to operational safety. We continuously plan and execute pipeline patrol and aerial survey missions around weather as well as routine and non-routine maintenance, all while adhering to strict patrol compliance deadlines.

Pipeline Patrol Services

Our planes and pilots are responsible for patrolling 35,000 miles of pipeline each week. We are here to provide you with the best aerial inspection services in order to detect leaks, encroachment, erosion, and other situations through routine patrols. Contact us today for a free consultation on your next inspection!

Proudly Serving the Energy Industry Nationwide

Hawkeye Helicopter provides industry-leading pipeline and power line patrol services within Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and California.

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