Helicopter Aerial Patrol Services

For more than 20 years, Hawkeye Helicopter has partnered with utility companies across the United States to offer a comprehensive range of aerial patrol and technology services. Our team of highly-qualified aerial professionals and reliable fleet of turbine helicopters make our clients feel comfortable on every mission. Get in touch with us today by calling 785.242.2557 or fill out our contact form below to learn more about how we can assist in your next aerial patrol project.

Powerline Patrol

Rotor-wing patrols help our electric clients find and fix damage to their assets. Operations and engineering personnel conduct thorough inspections via the helicopter platform, allowing our customers to gather information and make decisions in real-time.

We are responsible for patrolling approximately 30,000 miles of power grid infrastructure with our helicopter fleet annually. In addition to routine powerline patrols, we provide 24/7 emergency services. We understand a quick response is vital to keep our utility clients operational.

Pipeline Patrol

For the oil and gas industry, we have experience conducting aerial patrols of numerous types of transmission pipelines in the United States. The helicopter has proven to be a very useful platform for our clients to observe ROW conditions at low speeds and low altitudes. Many ROW anomalies have been found via helicopter patrols that prove too difficult to detect on a high-speed, high-altitude airplane patrol.

Helicopter Aerial Patrol


The Hawkeye Advantage

Hawkeye can also create many technological solutions for our clients when they have a need to acquire specialized data from the air, such as LiDAR, Infrared, UHD Video, and Gas Leak Detection. We have decades of experience gathering data with a multitude of lasers, cameras, and other sensors.

With our fleet of diversified aircraft and high-tech solutions, Hawkeye is able to help our clients address a variety of problems. Hawkeye’s clients take comfort in the fact they can rely on one vendor to respond to numerous emergency and routine missions with a variety of aircraft options.